STALKED! By Voices tells the story of how an innocent young woman is left to fend for herself against a family of psychic predatory sexual stalkers. And it asks why employers, a community, and local Police, did nothing to stop it, but instead joined in and supported the horrific abuse.
It is my soul searing autobiography of how I was stalked, mentally, and sexually harassed for decades.
In 1976 the word stalker, as we know it today, did not exist. It didn’t become commonplace in our language until after the horrific murder of TV star, Rebecca Schaeffer.

Rebecca was the star of the 1988 sitcom, My Sister Sam. And in 1989, she was shot dead on her own front doorstep by Robert John Bardo. A young man who had never spoken so much as a single word to Rebecca Schaeffer nor had she ever encountered him until the day he shot her dead. The first day Rebecca Schaeffer met John Bardo, was the last day of her life.
Before Rebecca’s murder there was no such thing as being stalked by a stranger. According to the local Police in my area, “It just doesn’t happen!”

So now, try to imagine that’s it’s 1976 and you’re a young twenty-three year old Black woman, of no reputation, trying to convince your local Police that you’re being followed, 24/7/365 every second of every day, everywhere you go.
Their reply was, “You can’t be being followed by people you don’t know. Why would complete strangers want to follow you around?”

I kept up the complaint. But needless-to-say, my repeated attempts at getting help fell on deaf ears and ended up with my being sent for out-patient psychiatric counseling and dosed, daily, with anti-psychotic drugs.

But the worst was yet to come. After my so-called therapy ended, with a forced confession that I’d made the whole thing up, I was left to fend for myself against a family of psychopathic predatory sexual stalkers. This is my True Crime, #MeToo Memoir.


For example this excerpt from the book.
THEY SKINNED ME ALIVE! How can I describe to you what it’s like having your every thought put on public display for the amusement of others. The closest I can come to it, is to say, it’s kind of like having your skin peeled off your body in long painful strips that leaves you feeling totally exposed.
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