My Stalking Blog – I Moved

So, last weekend I caved in to the pressure and I moved.  And you guessed it!!!!!

Before the first box was unpacked, before I’d spent twenty-four hours in my new place, The Voices started.  There was the usual ‘thunder screaming’ (my term for their almost ear piercing whining) and accusations. 

Normally, I would have been beside myself with fear, but lately, I can’t seem to get myself all worked up over The Voices anymore.  It seems like a whole bunch of non-sense over nothing.

I guess that’s why it’s the perfect time for this blog and the book. 

Like Solomon wrote in the Book of Ecclesiastes, “there is a time for everything under the sun.”  And this is my time.  Perhaps, because I’m getting old — not older — and that hormone driven fear isn’t there anymore.  Neither are the life expectations – of meeting that perfect man, getting married, settling down, and having children; or those dreams that are common to all of us  – having a career, friends, a nice home in a nice neighborhood.  All of those things are gone.  There is nothing more to lose for telling the truth.  And truth is, it’s not our imagination or an hallucination, or any other –nation. 

There is something new out there or perhaps something that was out there all along but was hidden in plain sight.  Honestly, Freud got it wrong, wrong, wrong.  He should have listened more acutely and done some research, and investigated his patient’s backgrounds.  And modern day psychiatry needs a wake-up call.  For I can truly state, without any doubts, that hearing voices is NO longer a sign of schizophrenia, but a definite sign that you’re being stalked!



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