My Stalking Blog – Maywood

  • If you don’t like Maywood why don’t you leave?

Is that what all of you want to know. 

Well the answer is very obvious to anyone living with  stalking and to anyone who’s been anywhere near the street where I live.

I’ve looked at several new places, had the deposit and first month rent and excellent references from work and friends, but how do I get past a bunch of screaming women following me from pillar to post.  And giving each new prospective landlord an ear full.  Would you rent to someone who’s going to have a crazed woman screaming 24/7/365 in front of your apartment building?  What about the other tenants in the building?  What if they don’t want all that noise?  What if they’re afraid of being stalked or worst yet physically harmed in some way?

I know this will happen because I’ve moved several times in the past and the stalkers have always followed.  I moved from Chicago to New Orleans in 1981.  And I had three different apartments (Starrett Road, Gentilly Blvd., and Elysian Fields Road) while in New Orleans.

Then I moved from New Orleans back to Chicago.  And I’ve moved three times since I’ve been back (13th Ave  to 21st Ave and then to my current location.)

All this moving did have one great big positive.  It convinced me that ‘the voices’ were real and not my imagination.  Why.  Because even though I had changed jobs, changed friends, changed locations, changed situations, ‘the voices’ continued spewing the same old rhetoric. 

I remember seeing a recent episode of Oprah about a little girl suffering from schizophrenia.  I would highly suggest that her father move the child around the country for awhile and have the local police watch and see if any other family moves from the neighborhood when he does.  Or if anyone calls and hassles the wife about when he and child will return.   Could be eye opening.

In spite of the stalkers/’the voices’, I’m going to keep trying to find a place where I can live in peace.  And some place where the Police know what stalking is.



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