My Stalking Blog – On Asking For Help

This post is for all you reading, “My Stalking Blog” and the accompanying book, “STALKED! By Voices”, who don’t believe the Police would allow such things to happen in these days of anti-stalking laws I’m going to share with you the reaction I got when trying to get help.  Included with the letters I sent was a copy of the book “STALKED! By Voices” .

After getting the letters below, I stopped looking to the Law for protection.

 Although, I did try again in 2005 by stating my situation at local city council meetings, talking with local ministers, beat cops, and anyone else who would listen.  Needless to say, all I got for my efforts were pitying looks and whispers of, “don’t talk to her, she doesn’t know what’s going on.”

The first letter is from then Illinois State’s Attorney Jim Ryan’s office”

State of Illinois

Jim Ryan
Attorney General

 December 26, 2001


Ms. Eliza Ankum
Maywood, IL  60153

Dear Ms. Ankum

 The Attorney General’s Office has received your letter dated August 5,
2001.  Your letter along with any supporting materials have been reviewed by an attorney.

After a careful review of your allegations, it is our decision that the proper prosecuting agency to investigate and prosecute your case is the Cook County State’s Attorney’s Office.  You may reach them at 2650 S. California Ave. Chicago, IL  60608.  Their telephone number is 312-603-5440.

 No further communications from our office regarding this matter will be forthcoming.


                                                                         Doug J. Simpson
                                                                         Chief, Criminal Enforcement Division

 The Cook County State’s Attorney’s office did not even bother to answer back.
 So, of course, the Stalkers/The Voices had free reign and used it for YEARS.

 The second letter is from a very famous attorney’s office.

December 10, 2001

Ms. Eliza D. Ankum
Maywood, Illinois  60153

 Dear Ms. Ankum

 After review of your situation, we regret we cannot represent you in your potential claim.  At this time, we are focusing our practice on cases involving catastrophic permanent personal injuries and death.

 Thank you for considering the firm of Cochran, Cherry, Givens, Smith & Montgomery, L.L.C., Chicago office.  We hope you may consider us in the future if you or your family are in need of our services.

Very truly yours,

 James D. Montgomery


Enclosure:  Your documents sent to us

And naturally, the stalkers/The Voices (I call them that because I refuse to say my stalkers) retaliated and guess who got arrested instead.  That’s right, ME.

 I’ll share that story with you soon.

Don’t depend solely on the Law, it will fail you.




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