My Stalking Blog – Shannon

Recently one of my younger nephews posted some information regarding another of my nephews, Shannon, on Facebook.  Far from wanting to take the information off Facebook, I want to jump in with both feet and tell what I know.

Everyone who saw the information was upset to learn of Shannon’s fate – 45 years in prison for First Degree Murder.  The horror of his imprisonment is further complicated when one learns the details concerning his sentence.

I can only relate to you my recollection of what I know and what I’ve been told. 

Earlier that Sunday morning, I had asked Shannon to take me to the laundry mat on 17th and Roosevelt Road.  He had agreed only because I had offered to pay him for the ride there and back.  He seemed perfectly calm – nothing out of the ordinary except that as he dropped me off, he casually said, “Sis, you have to hurry, I don’t want anyone to see me over here.  This is rival gang territory.”  He said it so matter-of-factly, that I wasn’t sure whether or not to take him seriously.  It was about one-thirty in the afternoon when he dropped me off.  He was supposed to be back at three-thirty to pick me up. I went ahead with my laundry, confident that he would be back.  He never came back.

At around four-thirty, I began to get nervous and scared, not because Shannon wasn’t there, but because while doing my laundry, I had noticed a car parked across the street from the laundry mat that had arrived at the same time we had.  And at four-thirty, it was still there.  I thought it was one of The Stalkers waiting for an opportunity to attack.  It was late fall and was getting dark.  I remember the car had its lights on.  I started calling home frantically.

One of Shannon’s brothers picked me up from the laundry mat.  He was the one who later on told me what had happened.

Before, I tell you what happened, bear in mind that our home was under 24/7/365 surveillance by The Voices/Stalkers.  And we, at that time had suffered not one, not two, but three drive-by shootings and the house still bears the bullet holes from those shootings.  We took someone with a gun seriously.

As for the police, a bus driver, who knew me, told me this joke about the Maywood Police

“You know they say that the doors on Maywood Police cars don’t function right.”

I said, what do you mean, ‘they don’t function right?’

“Yeah, they only twice a day.”  I looked at him rather puzzled.  Catching the expression on my face, he said,

They only open once in the morning when the office gets in and once at night when he gets out.  

We had an empty one parked at the end of our block.  As if we or the criminals were that stupid!

Back to what I was told happened. This guy who supposedly hated Shannon got into a fight with his girlfriend and the fight turned violent, very violent to the point where the girl was screaming and trying to crawl through a window in an effort to escape. Her boyfriend was brandishing a gun and threatening to shoot her.

Shannon, like the rest of the neighborhood was standing on his porch watching and listening as this was happening.  No one is doing anything as this young girl is about to be shot.  And there is only an empty police car at the end of the block.

Shannon decides to get his gun and shoots the boyfriend before he can shoot the girl.

The police arrive and arrest Shannon.  I wish I could say that this was his first time being arrested but unfortunately, it was not.  And he is put on trial for First Degree Murder.

However, we were all sure that due to the circumstances, he would receive a light sentence, since he acted in an effort to save someone else’s life.

Remember, I said that our home was under 24/7/365 surveillance by The Stalkers.  Well, there was a surprise witness at Shannon’s trial.  No one had told the defense  

about this witness.  And believe it or not, she was allowed to testify. 

She got up on the stand and contradicted the testimony of everyone else.  She said she had seen the entire thing.  My nephew got forty-five years in jail based on her testimony.

For the first few months after my nephew was convicted, I tried desperately to find out the identity of this woman because I was absolutely certain that the only woman stupid enough to have placed herself in the middle of a shoot out would have been one of The Stalkers.  The more I tried finding out her identity, the deeper the cover-up became.

And out of a sincere wish not to cause anymore harm to my family, I left the situation alone. 

Now that it has surfaced again, and I no longer live near my family, I can say whatever the hell I want. 

I will however, gladly say this about the new Maywood Police Chief, he has far outdone the last two.  And if nothing else, has removed the empty police car from the end of the block where I used to live.  



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