STALKED! By Voices Chapter 16

Chapter 16

LET ME TELL YOU ABOUT THE BEND.  The main road into Latham made a sharp curve after it passed the Williams’ house and went into a densely packed forest area.

There were several families who lived back in there.  And I was of a mind that these two girls and their brother must have lived in The Bend.

In The Bend, the houses were small and far apart with large ‘pine tree farms’ in between.  My brother used to say, that the people living in The Bend, were actually living in ‘the woods’.  As opposed to us, who lived in the large town of Latham, population fifty.  And he cautioned me often not to go into The Bend, because, he said, the people living there were crazy.

So naturally, I was scared out of my mind that evening when I missed my stop and had to ride all through The Bend.  Nothing happened right away, except the girls kept up their harangue until they got off the bus.

The dreams started that night.  In the first part of the dream, I was being chased through The Bend by crazy people with guns.  And let’s not forget about all those bears roaming around in those tree farms (My Stalking Blog – Bad Thoughts).

Well, in the nightmare, I made it back home just after nightfall.  The house was quiet and dark.  And I realized with a fright, that I was home alone.  As I searched the house for my missing relatives, I became aware that I was not alone as I had thought.

The thing or whatever it was, was outside.  I could hear it.  It was on the other side of those black bottomless pits of windows.  As I got closer to the windows and pressed my face against them trying to see out into the yard, a pair of big yellow eyes smashed into the window as if they were making an unrestrained attempt to gain entry into the house.

Those eyes chased me from room to room, always pressing themselves threateningly against those bare windows, laughing at me as I ran around like a frightened mouse in a maze.


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