My Stalking Blog – Larry Darnell Ankum

About two weeks ago, I wrote about my sister Katherine’s death.


This week, unfortunately, I’m writing about my younger brother, Larry Darnell Ankum’s death.


My younger brother, Larry, was like all younger brothers — a pain in the ass and a blessing all rolled into one. When he was young, he did the things a young man does but when he knew better he did better.


On his way to doing better, he moved to New Orleans and found a whole new life for himself.


While he was able to work, he provided not only for his wife and children, but financially and spiritually helped other members of our family as well. The Bible puts it this way, “a brother was made for adversity.”


My brother I will miss you more than you will ever know.


And to his wife, Pat. I kept this because I knew the day you handed me this invitation, standing in your kitchen in New Orleans, that you were going to be a keeper.


… and two shall become one

Mr. and Mrs. Thomas Brown, Sr.

request the honour of your presence

at the marriage of their daughter

Patricia Ann


Mr. Larry Darnell Ankum

On Saturday, the fifteenth of August

Nineteen hundred and eighty-one

At three o’clock in the afternoon

Macedonia Church Of God In Christ

3015 Louisa Street

New Orleans, Louisiana


To his son, Larry, your dad was a great man. Be a great son.



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