STALKED! By Voices Chapter 48

Chapter 48

WHILE ON UNEMPLOYMENT COMPENSATION from The Associates, I continued with my makeover process. I was determined not to let this firing get me down. I’d done nothing to deserve it and I wasn’t going to be defeated. I began a diet and exercise program.

All through the fall and winter months, I exercised to music locked away in my bedroom. I went from two hundred and thirty-five pounds down to a well-toned one hundred and eighty-five, which may not sound slim in your book but for me it was heaven. I’d gone from a size twenty-four down to a size fourteen, maybe even a junior size thirteen if the dress was cut well. For me, it was a dream come true at last. No longer was my shopping confined to Lane Bryant or to the Women’s Department (aka, the fat old lady section) of major department stores.

I remember Marshall Fields on State Street had this red sweater dress with a snowflake design around the neckline. I just adored that dress. When I tried it on in the dressing room, for the first time in my life I felt pretty. Alas, the dress was more than I could afford on Unemployment.

But before getting on the ‘L’ to go home, I stopped and bought myself fresh flowers. I felt like a woman and treated myself like one.

In spite of the job losses (Oak Park Arms Hotel, Florsheim, and The Associates) and nasty cat calls, I was doing OK!



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