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Jerry Sandusky

Some people have asked me why I chose to put STALKED! By Voices free of charge on the internet (WordPress, Facebook, and Twitter) and ‘For God’s sake stop putting your business out there.”

Well, its because of predators like Jerry Sandusky and The Stalkers in my book.  They present themselves as regular people — doesn’t Sandusky  look like the nice grandfatherly type that you’d let watch your kids — but they’re not. 

As I said before, don’t look for little green men or the devil with a set of horns and a pitch fork.   Look  for your average Joe or Josephine.

Below is an excerpt from an article written by Dan Wetzel for Yahoo Sport.

 “What was I going to do?” the witness, known in court documents as Victim No. 9, said. “Look at him, he’s a big guy, bigger than me. Way bigger than me.”

The boy only kept returning to Sandusky’s home because his mother, thinking he needed a male role model, insisted he do so.

Soon the sessions occasionally included sodomy, and he couldn’t stop those attacks, either.

“I just went with it,” he said. “There was no fighting against it. … Sometimes [I’d] scream. Sometimes tell him to get off of me. But other than that, he was there, you were in a basement, no one can hear you down there.”

By Dan Wetzel | Yahoo! Sports



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