Stalked! By Voices – Chapter 58

Chapter 58

IT WAS HURT ON TOP OF HURT ON TOP OF MORE HURT. Jerry was gone, Harris was a liar and a deceiver, and to top it off, I was out of work, AGAIN!

It was August, 1977 and my father had just been diagnosed with lung cancer. I couldn’t bring my problems to him. My sister, whom I lived with, had a one year old and was pregnant with her second child. There was no one else to turn to except Harris.

When he finally did call, for the last time, and asked if he could come over, I had in mind a heart to heart talk. He had in mind sex, and said as much.

The problem I had with Harris was that he never thought of me as anything more than a ‘booty call’. He neither gave me his full name, address, or a phone number where I could reach him. Whenever I asked him these questions, he said I was a real ‘nosified’ young woman. He told me he was a man and didn’t have to answer to no woman. I dropped Harris like a hot potato with butter. And while I’ve dearly regretted never marrying, I have never regretted not marrying Harris.


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