Stalked! By Voices – Chapter 62

Chapter 62

AFTER MY BREAKDOWN, I think my sister was afraid of being alone in the apartment with me but what she said was, “her boyfriend wanted to move in and live with her and the children.”

So my parents offered me an apartment at 505 South 6th Avenue in Maywood. Or at least I think it was 6th Avenue. I was so strung out from the drugs I barely made it home most of the time from my therapy sessions.. It was as though I were in a hazy dreamy fog. And the only way I knew I was on the right street, oddly enough was because of the Donna Summer song ‘Bad Girls’. The song was playing in the morning when I left the apartment and in the afternoon when I came back. I just followed the music.

It was the first time I’d ever lived totally and completely on my own. I was lonely at first, but then I began to revel in my solitude.

The new place was a one bedroom apartment, which had one big room that combined the living room, dining room and kitchen. The bedroom was small and the walls were covered in dark wood paneling. The bathroom, however, was large, unheated, and without a single cabinet. Not even a medicine cabinet!

At the time, I was temping for Norrell Temporary Services, I believe, but I’m not entirely sure of that. I know I was working somewhere because I had this lovely purple paisley dress that was a joy to wear. And I can remember getting up taking my bath and putting on that purple paisley dress and catching the ‘L’ Downtown to work.

There are so many memories lost to the abyss of the drugs that I can’t remember whether or not we celebrated Thanksgiving or Christmas in 1976. Things fell into that abyss never to be recalled. Only things that were seared onto my memory banks have I retained.



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