Stalked! By Voices – Chapter 64

Chapter 64

I STARTED A NEW HABIT. On Friday nights, I began cooking myself a nice little dinner, something other than macaroni and cheese, or fried bologna and rice, to celebrate getting through another week without getting fired.

One Friday evening, I trudged home through the snow carrying a bottle of white wine and a box of Mrs. Paul’s Stuffed Fish Fillets, eager to put on my Teddy Pendergrass album and have dinner. I carried my bags up the two flights to my cozy apartment, opened the door, turned on the lights and was carefully placing my soon to be dinner on the kitchen table when I happened to look up at the kitchen window, for which I needed curtains. I hadn’t bothered buying curtains for the because there was a large tree directly outside which blocked one’s view into the apartment. There hanging by its neck from one of the tree branches was a baby doll.

At first, I was terribly upset and then after I calmed down, it occurred to me, that even though the people I had loved and trusted the most had vigorously defended the people I’d accused of stalking me and had me all but convinced that I had suffered a severe mental break – none of it was true. They had all lied, even the Police!

I left the doll hanging there, even though I could have opened the window and easily removed it, as a reminder that there were real people out there bent on tormenting me!



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