Stalked! By Voices – Chapter 80


Chapter 80

I HAD A LIFE. All the success I didn’t find in the world, I found in Christ. Word of Faith became my anchor.

I’d never seen anything like Word of Faith before. For one thing, the Church building, itself, reminded me of one of those old World War II German helmets. The ones like on ‘Stalag 17’ – round with a pointy horn in the middle (the sanctuary was round with the steeple in the middle).

But the most impressive thing about Word of Faith was the people. The people genuinely liked each other. They supported one another spiritually, morally, and financially. There was love and harmony in that Church.

Before long, I was taking that faithful walk down the isle accepting Jesus Christ as my Lord and savior, ready to be washed in the blood of Christ.

That decision changed everything!    It altered my perspective on life and the people around me. It altered the way I thought* about the past. It changed the way I thought* about the nightmares. No matter how disturbing or savage the dream, I was no longer swayed by them. I no longer woke in the middle of the night in terror. Instead, I woke in the mornings, at peace, with a full memory of my dream.

*Years later when asked, why don’t you think ‘The Voices’ are your imagination? My simple answer is, “because I don’t think like that.”




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