Stalked! By Voices – Chapter 81


Last Saturday, while working in my new Church’s (Proviso Missionary Baptist Church in Maywood, Illinois) kitchen, a fellow member asked me about my life and the things I’m writing in this book. And one of her questions was how do you know the right man. I told her, “I’m still trying to figure that one out myself.

But, as Oprah, would say, there is one thing I know for sure. And it’s this, that sometimes the Devil, or in my case, his earthly workers on this planet, ‘The Voices’, will send a man your way who is just there to BLOCK your blessing of the right man.

A BLOCKER will get you so tangled up with him, that you can miss the man that God truly wants you to have. The chapter below is about my BLOCKER.


Chapter 81

I WAS SITTING IN CHURCH one Wednesday evening listening to the Church orchestra warm up before the Service began, when a very tall young White man of about twenty-five years of age, who I’d never laid eyes on before, sat down next to me and kissed me. I wasn’t the only one stunned. The orchestra members actually stopped playing and stared at us in total bewilderment. After what seemed an interminable amount of awkward silence, I heard one of the band members yell, “play something!”

From that moment on Keith J. led me on a game of cat and mouse that lasted for six long months, dangling a relationship in front of me like a carrot on a stick.

I was so taken (so mislead and misused) that I actually moved from my fantastic apartment on Gentilly Blvd to a dump on Hayne Blvd to be near him. And guess what happened next? That’s right. That so and so moved. Yes, to get away from me!

He found himself a new place and a new girlfriend. A young Guatemalan woman, fresh off the boat and willing to do whatever he said.

Keith and his new girlfriend became a “couple” at Church. A very celebrated one, at that. When people at Church saw them together, they seemed pleased as opposed to when they saw us together. Our pairing seemed to puzzle them.

I got over it by thanking God that our relationship had never become sexual and throwing myself head long into work, both at Exxon and at Word of Faith.

Soon I had an in-place promotion at work that brought me a salary increase and at Word of Faith I became the person in charge of recruiting sitters and teachers for the Toddlers Section of the Church Nursery.

There was however, a problem. Keith’s new girlfriend had a child from a previous relationship and that child just happened to be of toddler age, which meant that the child was placed under my care.

And to show, me, how much she and Keith were committed to one another, she had Keith bring her daughter to the nursery and sign her in. Which meant I had to see Keith every Wednesday evening and Sunday morning and/or afternoon. So while they were in the service getting closer and having the Church recognize them as a couple, I was watching over their kid!

Eventually, I woke up and realized I was being played. So I came up with a solution to the problem. Formally, it was Church practice that the head of that of the Nursery be present to greet the parents, I decided to change it. I had my best friend Donna Daggorett swap places with me (she had the babies) during the ‘sign-in’ process. After the Service started and the parents were in the Sanctuary, we switched back. For a time, I rarely saw Keith at all.

Still, I began to hear rumors that his girlfriend was telling people that I was stalking her and Keith. I came up with a solution to that as well.

Word of Faith had three Services on Sundays – 8:00 a.m., 10:30 a.m. and 6:00 pm. Normally, I attended the ten-thirty Service and worked the 8:00 am and 6:00 pm services. I switched to the 8:00 a.m. service. Rumors persisted.

So, I moved to a new apartment complex, Par Du Lac, that placed me smack dab in the middle of Word of Faith territory. My comings and goings could be seen by all concerned. The rumors stopped!

Never, never, never under estimate peoples wiliness to be used for the wrong reason and purpose.




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