Stalked! By Voices – Chapter 84

Allen Toussaint

Chapter 84

I STARTED SIMPLE with a yellow silk shirtdress, sheer hose and taupe snakeskin sling-backs.

I made sure the nursery was secure, that the teachers were all in place and had everything they needed before heading into the eight o’clock Service. I sat on a pew directly opposite the one Allen favored. From that pew I could both observe him and be seen by him.

As I was pretending to listen to Minister Green, the older sophisticated White woman came in and sat down next to him. She seemed to have his undivided attention.

The very next Sunday, I wore the black knit cardigan with red trim, the black multi-colored v-neck blouse and its matching skirt. Black leather sling-backs. Yes sling-backs again. I know this runs counter to your business dressing rules that say don’t were shoes or jewelry that makes noise when you walk, but for man-hunting you do. A man should hear you coming and anticipate your arrival with a sense of pleasure.

The Sunday after that, I wore the same black knit cardigan with red trim, the same black multi-colored v-neck blouse. But this time, I kicked it up a notch by wearing a black leather pencil skirt, sheer black hose, and black high heel pumps. I sat on the end of the pew, crossed my legs and let the leather do the talking.

I observed that the sophisticated White woman always wore cream, beige, and tan. So, I went out and purchased an off-white Jones of New York suit, white open toe pumps, a clear Lucite charm bracelet (my noise maker) that had tiny perfume bottles and hearts as charms. I sprayed on Bill Blass cologne and sat on the same pew as Allen. But I did not speak to him only nodded a polite hello.

That Monday Vi called me to say that this month’s Bible Study would be special and to make sure I was dressed up. No jeans. And even though I had a car, and drove it, she insisted on picking me up.

The Bible Study was on Frey Place.


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