Stalked! By Voices – Chapter 85


Chapter 85


I WALKED UP THE HILL to the front door, trailing behind Vi, looking all around at the beautiful neighborhood, wondering where we were and who lived here.

She knocked and Allen Toussaint opened the door. Vi said ‘Hi, Allen’, smiled and went through the door. Without saying a word, Allen blocked my entrance and started doing that staring thing again. I didn’t say a word. I just stood there and let him stare.

I had opted to go very traditionally southern. I was wearing a white linen and gabardine suit that consisted of a short princess seamed jacket and a pencil skirt that hit just at the knee, white open toe pumps and I was carrying an off-white alligator clutch.

While we were staring each other down, Sandra yelled from somewhere in the house “Allen, who’s at the door?” That’s when he let me in. He went off to find Sandra and I went after Vi, who was standing by a pool table that was in a room off to the left of the front entrance. Some of the men from the Bible study were having a friendly game of pool.

From then on, Bible Study was held at Allen’s home.



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