Stalked! By Voices – Chapter 94

Chapter 94

 WHEN I DIDN’T BREAK,  EXXON WENT PUBLIC.  After my second refusal to attend EHAP (Employee Health Advisory Program), ‘The Voices’ started screaming 24/7/365.  Also, up until that time ‘The Voices’ were confined primarily to the twenty-first floor of the Poydras Street building and my apartment. But after that, ‘The Voices’ were screaming their foul, crass, and vulgar taunts anywhere and everywhere.

It was Exxon that set up a special demonstration, to let me know just how far they were willing to go in order to break my spirit. I definitely got the message, loud and clear and so did everyone else in the room.

Exxon began insisting that I attend every public company function held — especially the off-site ones. Mainly the ones too far for me to run back to the safety of my familiar environment to use the rest room.

I remember the last public function I attended for Exxon. It was an all day affair that began early in the morning. While the speaker spoke on the Deming Principles (very big at the time), breakfast was served. There were lots of ice cold juices, bottled water, and coffee being served to the participants. My boss’ boss sat the table with me and insisted that I have some of everything. Sweat broke out across my forehead at the possibility of having to use the restroom in so public a place with so many of my colleagues in attendance.

At ten o’clock a snack was served. Then back to the meeting room for more Deming.

Lunch was a catered affair of herbed chicken, saffron rice, mixed vegetables, water, juice, cold soda pops, and more coffee. I was getting nervous. I hadn’t been to the bathroom since before leaving for work early that morning.

At each meal a supervisor from one of the drilling groups had come over to my table and had stood at my shoulder and commented on the small volume of food on my plate.

About two in the afternoon, when everyone – over two hundred people – were a bit lethargic from sitting so long and too much food, I thought it safe to duck out and use therestroom.

When I returned to the ballroom, everything stopped. I realized instantly what had happened. They, all two hundred people in attendance,  had been treated to the same filth that I heard on a daily basis when I used the restroom at Exxon headquarters.

“Eliza, your pussy stinks. Eliza, you need to go put on a new Kotex. Eliza, wipe between your legs when you pee and don’t forget to wipe the crack of your ass when you finish.”

When I sat back down at the table, one of the engineers in my group looked at me with such pity in his eyes that I wanted to hide under it.  How could they have done that to me?

I went home, took the phone off the hook, closed the curtains and didn’t come out until five days later.   I even passed on Church that week where I’d see Allen.

This episode as horrible an experience as it seems, was made even worse by it’s deliberate timing. During those five days that I was in seclusion, my older brother, Pete, suffered a major accident at work – losing half his right foot. I remember the phone kept ringing and ringing. I never bothered looking at the phone, assuming it was Exxon calling. I didn’t make it to the hospital until almost two weeks later.

So not only was I an inept insane employee, I was also an insensitive sister as well. 

 I received the letter in Chapter 95 as a result.




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