Stalked! By Voices – Chapter 95

Post Office Box 60626 * New Orleans, Louisiana  70160-0626

Production Department
New Orleans Drilling Organization

John P. Clement, III
Drilling Manager

                                                                                      February 8, 1991

                                                                                      WARNING NOTICE

Ms. Eliza D. Ankum

 This letter is a Warning Notice to you for unacceptable work performance. On January 25, 1991, you failed to report to work or to notify your supervisor of your absence. Such behavior is unacceptable. The reason you gave for the unexcused absence was unwillingness to complete work activities scheduled for the day.

 As you are aware and have been counseled in the past, when you are unable to report to work, you must notify your supervisor of your absence before your normal starting time. As it was treated in the past for your similar absence you will again not be paid for that day and it will be considered a day ‘Off on Own Accord’. Normally, repeated behavior of this type after strong counseling the first time would escalate discipline to include several days suspension without pay. Suspension was considered very seriously for you in this most recent situation. However, we feel that this most recent absence is only one aspect of a larger performance problem; its resolution appears being hampered by factors that in our judgement need to be addressed through professional counseling rather than through additional time off.

Professional counseling such as available EHAP counseling has been strongly encouraged for you on several occasions by three different supervisors. This was done as a result of you inability to perform your job adequately, including showing up for work. Because this behavior has continued and you have been previously unwilling to make an attempt to visit the EHAP on your own, we have set up a time where Donna Lewis of EHAP will be in this office to meet with you. Failure to meet with Donna Lewis and a reoccurrence of the type of behavior described in this letter or just further behavior of this type will result in further discipline up to an including termination.





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