My Stalking Blog – Good Morning America

elizabooks  (STALKED! By Voices) would like to give GMA aka Good Morning America a big shout out for bringing to light a situation very few people ever consider. And that’s being fired, not because you’ve done anything wrong, but because you are the victim of domestic abuse or a victim of stalking.

 Rarely do we think about the financial consequences of being a victim of domestic abuse or stalking. And losing your job is about as financially traumatic as it gets.

Click here to view segment.

It’s hard to argue with those in charge when they really are thinking about the safety of their other employees. Employees whose abusive and threatening home life is NOT following them to work.

 I remember, and I’m sure others do to, the old expression, ‘going postal’. Back then, everyone lived in fear of a disgruntled employee returning to the work place and shooting as many of his former employees as possible.

I can’t begin to tell you how many times, over the years and at different jobs, that I’ve had someone say to me or my current supervisor that they did not feel safe having me around. They said they were afraid the people stalking me might turn violent, get a gun, and come back and shoot up the place.

 Now we have that same situation occurring again but this time in our schools, i.e., Columbine High School, Virginia Tech, The Amish School, Northern Illinois University, and Sandy Hook Elementary.

 I feel for the teacher in this story. This is just the beginning for her. Wait until she goes job hunting and has to tell perspective employers why she was fired from her old job.

 I suggest the very first thing she should do is change her name and move.

 Did I mention that some very good men will NOT date you because of your abusive ex-husband? They won’t want to risk the violence and risk to their reputation.




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