My Stalking Blog – What I’ll Say

To Police Chief Tim Curry

When and if the people stalking me are ever brought to court, this what I’m going to say 

These families have done some good in order to mask the unimaginalbe hurt and harm that they’ve.  And through blackmail and intimidation, have not been held accountable for any of it.   They should be made to pay restitution and apologize to all those who had to listen to their obscenties.

I know that there is this belief out there that I should want to know WHY.  But honestly, I don’t.  I don’t care what their motives are, were, or will ever be.  I do know, that they should be locked up for the criminally insane.

Anyone who keeps up that much noise because a sixty year old woman is at home for the weekend is not all there  —  mind reader or not — something needs to be done about them. 








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