Stalked By Voices – Chapter 108

UNEMPLOYED AGAIN!  By now, the people at the unemployment office are beginning to recognize my face.  (A repeat offender)  They smile politely when they see me, nod their heads and whisper to one another, “she’s back again.”  A few say, “No wonder with those people following her.”  “Tell Security to kick them out if they make too much noise.”

This time, however, I get a little more to live on, four hundred and seventy-eight dollars every two weeks (or two hundred and thirty-two dollars a week, minus state taxes).  That works out to be nine hundred and twenty-eight dollars a month.  I would have been living large, except that rent was now five hundred dollars a month.

Unemployment   928.00
Rent – 500.00
Car Note – 256.00
Food –  60.00
Toiletries –  30.00
ComEd –  30.00 (I was in the red a lot.  Lights were almost shut off.)
Cell Phone –   10.00
Church offering –   20.00
Bus Fare
For job hunting 
–   20.00


But what I learned that summer sitting on my back porch drinking lemonade spiked with vodka (by-the-way, I was mixing up this little cocktail long before Mike’s Hard Lemonade came along.) was beyond priceless.

I got to know ‘The Voices/Stalkers.’  And what they revealed and held secretive was well worth the sacrifice.


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