My Stalking Blog – The Wrong Questions

High Beams

Tonight, after work, (my regular shift is 3:00 to 11:30 pm) I will get in my car and slowly – very slowly make my way home.

On the way home more than likely, I’ll have to pull over to the side of the side about two or three times because The Stalkers will drive up behind my car and stay on my bumper with their high beams on.

So high in fact that I can see my imaged silhouetted on my car’s dashboard. (On the bright side – pun intended – you can see when your hair is out of place.)

When they tire of that, they’ll drive by me at a high rate of speed, one on each side, and get ahead of me and get in the opposite lane – coming towards me – again with their high beams on.

And finally, they’ll speed by me again and get in front of my car and proceed me home.

Usually, at this point, I’ll pull over again and wait a few minutes until they on ahead of me to my house where I note the same two cars that have played havoc with me the entire drive are parked about a half block up. One of the east-west street and the other on the north-south street.

It took a while to wrap my head around this, especially on nights as cold as this one. When all I want to do is curl up on the sofa under a warm blanket with a stiff drink and a good movie or TV show like The Walking Dead or Scandal.

But here, these people are getting up, in the middle of the night, showering, putting on clean clothes, spending their money to put gas in their cars that they’ll use driving to my place of work only to turn around and follow me home.

Now, image the response I’d get if I told the ‘average’ person what I’ve said above.

They’d ask do you know these people?

Why would they want to bother you?

Did you do something to them?

There must be some reason they’re following you?

Are you sure you didn’t do anything to them?

Why would anyone follow you around?

Why would anyone want to stalk you?

But after decades of putting up with ‘The Stalkers/Voices, here’s what I know for sure. You’re asking the wrong questions.

The correct question is not why would anyone want to stalk Eliza Ankum?

But rather,

Why is it that no matter where in the world you find these kind of people, they STALK. Why?

Why do they torment and harass normal humans?

Why is this type of behavior the only thing that brings them happiness or sexual gratification?

Is stalking normal for mind readers?

Does mind-reading drive them insane?”

Can they be rehabilitated towards ‘normal’ or non-stalking behavior?

Is there medication that can alleviate their mind reading abilities and thus give them more ‘normal behavior?









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